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Maja Solutions Sdn Bhd


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Company Description

Maja Solutions is a gaming company based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Since its founding in 2017; We have managed to produce more than 20 gaming products and a few mobile apps solutions for our clients.
The company main goal is to create an environment where the daring and aspiring talents have a place to excel and create something fun and worthy.

Our Vision is simple.
That’s right. Our Vision is simple. To make the world simpler.
Breaking all barrier of languages and cultures.
We start by making the games simpler.
That’s our mission. 

How the Maja Started?
Basically, its a story of how our founder wanted to play a game he had in his mind for many years. He has been waiting a game like that to be built by someone, so he could play it. But, nobody ever build that game …. He decided to build it on his own.
Join us in the journey of innovating and building high potential products!